• Cuckolding video for couples


    An introduction for women.

    In cuckoldry, a married women has sexual relations with other men ... with her husband's full knowledge and support.. usually while the husband watches or joins in ... and the husband remains 100% faithful to his wife.

    Cuckolding terminology

    The husband is, of course, known as the "cuckold"
    The married lady is affectionately known as a "Hotwife"
    The servicing of the Hotwife is done by a "bull".

    The "Average" Cuckolding couple

    The average couple is likely to be aged 30+, in a "rock solid" marriage.. ..able to comfortably easily communicate their desires..
    .. will have discussed in depth their "ground rules"..
    .. such as with whom, how often, limits, etc

    Cuckold types

    Some cuckolds will wish to be submissive to their wives..
    Other cuckolds will take on a more dominant role..
    .. but whatever role the cuckold desires..
    ..they will have the same basic need, witch is..
    ..for their wife to be fucked hard by another man, plain and simple!

    The "Bulls"

    It is a perhaps a cliché in cuckoldry..
    .. that Black Men are often chosen by couples to be their ideal Bull..
    ..f or the skin contrast, the tabboo, the physique and reputed sexual stamina..
    .. and cuckolds will generally wish their wife, to be done..
    .. by a Bull with a very large cock, 8"+ and thick..
    Bulls provide a sexually agreesive experience - not love-making, but fucking.

    So as a wife what should you expect?

    Expect your husband will remain 100% faithful to you
    ..because his wife is the centre of a cuckold's sexual desires..
    ..expect your ground rules will be adhered to..
    ..expect openess, honesty and mutual respect..
    ..and of course, a Hotwife can expect to enjoy..
    ..the sort of sex other wives can only dream of!


    Some couples ask a friend to join them..
    ..others want to keep this part of their lives secret..
    Anonymity is easy..
    ..create a new email account that is anonymous..
    ..only use mobile phone numbers, never landlines
    ..only meet in public places, eg hotel rooms..


    Real cuckolding couples take care of their health..
    ..real "bulls" value their health also..
    ..buy condoms, and let the Bull use them..
    ..have a good stock available, from size regular to XXL..
    ..your husband can go buy these, of course..

    Cuckolding benefits

    A cuckold husband will often become far more attentive to his wife..
    ..after he has seen how she reacts to another man's cock..
    Hotwives often report a huge increase in libido..
    ..as they are frequently reminded of their desirability
    As a consequence, many HotWives become more confident & assertive
    ..and a hugely improved self esteem..
    As the cuckolding couple must trust each other implicitly
    ..many will find their love deepen and their bond strengthen

    The "Way Forward"

    Communication is the key!
    Discuss those ground rules, what you'll do, and what you'll not!
    Create that 'anonymous' email address
    Check out swinger's sites on the web
    Look for 'men that seek couples'
    ..and make contact!

    Variations on a theme..

    Some might find fun in introducing some roleplay..
    The HotWife being Bull-fucked in her wedding dress..
    ..can be a very thrilling experience for all concerned..
    ..but each to their own, the only rules are those you make..
    Gangbanging may be a little extreme for those new to this..
    ..but for some, perhaps the ultimate in cuckolding excitement..
    ..is for the wife to take many large cocks in one cession..
    For some, a Bull's bare cock leads to cum fun
    ..and the cuckold may enjoy the sloppy feel in his wife's pussy..
    ..some cuckolds love to feel another man's cum on their cock as they fuck their wife afterwards..
    But play safe! Perhaps bareback is for very good friends only!

    Advice from a genuite UK couple

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