• My wife loves his cuckold phone

    My wife loves his cuckold phone My wife loves his cuckold phone My wife loves his cuckold phone

    1 Love...
    Is a wife who still thinks of her husband enough to send him a nice, sexy picture text to brighten his duty day at work…
    Because she knows how much he love it when she’s a bad, BAD girl!!!

    2 Don’t wait up baby. I have a feeling I’ll pass out exhausted, cuddled in his arms, by the time he finishes with me tonight.
    I’ll text you in the morning when you can come get me.
    Remember, if you bring me a coffee, I’ll make sure he leaves you a nice hot breakfast right before I come down the elevator!

    3 "It’s really going to happen Baby. I thought I’d send you one last picture. Does it look even bigger next to your wife? It does to me!"
    For my wife anyway, it’s not sexier because it’s black. It’s sexier because it is big.

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