• My unfaithful wife My unfaithful wife My unfaithful wife

    1 Oh honey, I think he’s going to cum inside me. You sure this is what you want? You want him to make me pregnant? All our plans, all gone? You want me to have new plans, new dreams, with him?
    Oh fuck! Thank you honey. God, I know you hate him but I just love this so much. Fuck, I think he’s getting close. I just know he’s going to knock me up. Tell me it’s OK, beg him to cum inside me! Fuck… God, he’s cumming… FUCK!

    2 "Really, honey, you’d let me do that? I’ve always wanted to try black cock, but I tought you were the jealous type…"
    "Want to come along and take pictures?"

    3 Relax baby, remember you’re the one who wanted this. Just go to the hotel room and wait. I’m sure I’ll find the perfect guy to fuck me tonight and I’ll be back in the morning to tell you all the juicy details.

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  • My wife banged My wife banged My wife banged

    1 Your wife has always been comfortable letting other men feel her body in front of you. Your envy her sexual confidence.

    2 When hall the big cocks and black guys go home she'll be all yours to spend hours licking and cleaning...

    3 Jim’s wife didn’t like cum.
    So he invited his friends over until she begged for his cum.

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  • The cuckold game and alphabet

    A Exploring anal with another man.
    B A blindfold can lead to many adventures.
    C Feeling him cum inside you without a condom.
    D Dressing sexy for another man.
    E Eager to please… while her husband watches.
    F "Just Friends"
    G Gripping another man as your husband watches.
    H Wearing "fuck me" heels for another man.

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  • My wife loves his cuckold phone My wife loves his cuckold phone My wife loves his cuckold phone

    1 Love...
    Is a wife who still thinks of her husband enough to send him a nice, sexy picture text to brighten his duty day at work…
    Because she knows how much he love it when she’s a bad, BAD girl!!!

    2 Don’t wait up baby. I have a feeling I’ll pass out exhausted, cuddled in his arms, by the time he finishes with me tonight.
    I’ll text you in the morning when you can come get me.
    Remember, if you bring me a coffee, I’ll make sure he leaves you a nice hot breakfast right before I come down the elevator!

    3 "It’s really going to happen Baby. I thought I’d send you one last picture. Does it look even bigger next to your wife? It does to me!"
    For my wife anyway, it’s not sexier because it’s black. It’s sexier because it is big.

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  • I am a cuckold I am a cuckold husband I am a cuckold husband

    1 Your girlfriend loves the vacation with you and your buddies. She is always the center of attention, everybody likes to have her arround and they seem to accept her like she was their girl. You are soo glad to have friends like that, so open and willing to fully integrate your new love into their group.

    2 Your wife is smiling because she doesn’t know to whom she just gave a blowjob. But her only rule to agreeing to do this was that it couldn’t be somebody she knews. How would she feel if she found out it was her sister’s husband!
    You’re in an "exchange" program.

    3 This is the guy I’m gonna fuck tonight honey. You can try and stop him if you want… haha…

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